Private Consulting: Lifestyle MAKEOVER for the Best Life

Usually there is one solution to different issues. Just because those issues have the same root cause. Like burnout, obesity, anxiety and addictions may have the same root cause. 

The solution is to obtain life skill that allows you effortlessly practice habits which keep you fit, calm, healthy, energetic, resilient when required and always ready to grasp opportunities life presents from time to time. That may well be the most valuable life skill. 

This is trust-the-process-and-practice-it lifestyle mentorship. Do it and you’ll get better by day.

Knowing what to do is necessary but insufficient. 

Have you ever noticed fat people exercising in gym? Exercising is generally good but expectation that it, all else being equal, will help to lose weight is delusional. 

Have you noticed people running every day? A personal trainer pushing somebody for excessive cardio? The person believes it’s good for health when it’s most likely not. 

Do you know the critical effect your hormonal balance on what your body weight is? Do you know that toxins stored in fat (and we all have that) is a defining factor how much one can fast? Those are very important factors effects of which cannot and should not be managed by applying willpower. 

Fasting is good, cold water swimming is good … what’s generally true, but but there’s many sets of circumstances when it is not and should be avoided.

Eating clean, getting good sleep, grounding … those are further factors.

While all of those things are correct, none of them in isolation will help to achieve good health, perfect body composition or even getting fit.

The right thing at the right time in the right proportion is what counts.

This is were private consulting comes in. The consulting format is more like mentoring. From identifying what needs to be done to doing it – with timing, intensity and mix individually customised.

The building blocks for good health and fitness are universal but the critical part is how to put those building blocks together, customised to each individual, based on individual circumstances at any particular moment.

The most important is to pick the right approach at the right time. What works for one person may be counterproductive for another. 

Willpower is often an enemy and can easily lead to damaging effects. Therefore, the makeover process should be nearly effortless – whereas you need not to apply willpower to do something, but you want to do it just because expectation of feeling good/better/great is all the motivation one ever needs. 

You can benefit from this mentorship arrangement if anything of the following applies:

  • You’re at the height of your career but feel it takes a toll on your health
  • Following some routine but it’s not producing the desired results
  • Experience bad side effects when forcing some routine
  • Your general goal is to lose weight or/and getting fitter
  • Rely mostly on cardio exercises, like jogging, for meeting your health goals
  • Aiming to increase mental focus and creativity
  • Want to manage the major environmental health risks of modern environment
  • Position yourself for maximising your opportunities life presents to you by having better awareness

To live life the best way possible one has to be positioned to benefit from opportunities. Positioned psychologically, physically, mentally, have the required knowledge and habits. 

If you partner with us for your wellness journey, we will do our best to identify the right step to take at the right time to maximise the efficiency of the approach. In other words, what is it to do to get the maximum benefit with the minimum effort (which ideally should be a short-term effort required to establish a new habit). 

Private consulting starts at €1500/month. The consultation is done by the author of book Holistic Health Axioms

For private consulting enquiries please write to