PRODUCTIVE & FIT YOU by the Hour: the Ultimate KNOWLEDGE WORK Hack

This course is for those who want to keep their office time productivity at the highest – more creativity, clarity, error-free, have energy all day long – while getting fitter

Work in office has become the dominant category of work. Our collective health stats clearly indicate that in its currently prevailing form office work comes with high risks – loss of productivity, mental and physical health problems, burnout, depression, anxiety … Evolution of human race for millions of years doesn’t align well for a person to work in office. The course is about bringing natural balance back to modern work environment.

The course is about habituating a work protocol to remain the creative, energetic, alert and enthusiastic best version of yourself during office hours. The protocol is simple enough to make it effortless to follow and customisable to fit every type of person. 

This course is for you, if any of the following applies to you:

  • seek to stay fit and healthy while working from office
  • value sharpness of mind as a competitive advantage
  • want to enhance productivity to full working day
  • gaining weight and blame it on sitting at work 
  • aim to do task in the shortest possible time
  • no extra time or cost for fitness or work
  • lack state of contentment at work
  • make errors and omissions often
  • procrastinate important tasks
  • low energy for doing work
  • get distracted easily
  • experience burnout

How the positive change / goal will be achieved:

  • introducing a work pattern aligned with the natural form of being based on understanding of human physiological and psychological factors
  • forming a habit of such work pattern on the level of unconscious competence
  • combining proven methods for work efficiently and body conditioning to include in the work pattern
  • providing tools and resources for managing 2 critical aspects of productivity and body movement
  • keep the pattern practical (simple and short) to maximise the probability you actually learn AND apply it – only the essential, but all essential, aspects to avoid any waste of your time

This course of about a major transformation of work pattern to arrive at sustainable and healthy habits and maxed out productivity as new life skill – all in the shortest possible time and with the least effort.

You can get the same result by spending many hours of reading books, taking a number or courses (and probably spending thousands of dollars/euros before proceeding to forming a new habit, a life skill which brings you benefit from the first day. 

We’ve done it for you – we offer the same but using the least of your time and at a small fraction of cost. This is a condensed, actionable knowledge you can start to apply immediately.

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PRODUCTIVE & FIT YOU by the Hour: the Ultimate KNOWLEDGE WORK Hack

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Full money-back guarantee

The methodology has been tried and tested and we believe that it is the best methodology to ensure maximum productivity in office while at the same time avoid any bad side effects from sitting work (or get fit without allocating any time for gym).

However, if you learn all this and for some reason do not find it applicable, there is full money-back guarantee. You can claim your money back within 14-days of the course start day.

In fact, if you do not feel that you’ve recovered your investment in the first 1-8 hours of work according to the methodology or if you failed to form the new productivity & fitness habit within a week and want to give up – we encourage you to ask your money back.