Mission Statement

The mission of Paleo Karma is promoting lifestyle and products which, on the basis of evidence, are proved to foster well-being and vibrant health. And build a whole new industry, compatible with health, to replace a part of existing industries which churn out dangerous products.

Our collective physical and mental health statistics are appalling. There is clear cause-effect relationship to the prevailing habits and products consumed.

This is #1 priority on individual level to change to happy, energetic and healthy person. And #1 priority on collective level (ok, maybe close second after avoiding death of the planet in a nuclear war …) 

The good thing is that the change starts on personal level and no outside force to block it. All what’s needed is commitment by individual itself. 

It is our mission to foster all stakeholders who are solution (like regenerative agriculture farms …) to the problem and avoid all others who created the problem in the first place (like corporations who engineer and market [deadly] cookies by very competently hacking human biological responses to stimulus …).

We consider this the most worthwhile mission – if not for other reason then that 99%+ of people are either unknowing or ignorant (the are the constituents of the appalling collective health stats …). 

Those who educate themselves and want to change, i.e. <1%, currently are in disadvantageous situation. First, social pressure from 99%. Second, there is scarcity of products safe for consumption – it can easily be that one walks through a supermarket hungry but does not find a single product which is free from toxic substances, can be eaten with clear conscience and without harming oneself. 

The method to implement our mission is to contribute to proliferation of evidence-based information, connect like-minded people (you know, it’s not easy when you’re alone even if you’re right …) and promote businesses which are fully compatible with our mission (including investing in such businesses).

The mission will be completed when 99:1 proportion will be inverted, i.e. when the ones with unhealthy habits (either unknowingly or deliberately) and living proverbial slow car crash will be in minority.